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Theres No Time Like The Presents…

🎶 It's Christmasssssssss 🎶 Merry Christmas one and all. Hope you've all had lovely festive times with your family and friends. Eaten way too much? Drank too much? Feeling the stuffed bloatedness? Sat through the Christmas Soap Dramas? The Queen's Speech?... Continue Reading →


Here Comes Santa Claus….

So that was the final week of December for me. As mentioned in last week's post, I'm not having an official weigh in this week. I am sure you can understand. Most people write off the whole of December. I... Continue Reading →

Just a Normal Day

Wow. Last week was a long one. Apologies. I feel it was also a little hypocritical. Starting off the week positive and up for it. Then going for a fat loaded meal. Then giving myself the task of the whole... Continue Reading →

No Peekin’!

Reading back through last week, I feel it was not quite Little Miss Negative Ninny, but very much borderline. That pesky Little Miss wanting to rear her ugly head. No. So I want this week to go a little more... Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season…

A new month is upon us. A new month that brings about a new season. A new season of many. Many a cold Winters night, many a cold Winters day, the possibility of snow, a white Christmas perhaps, many an... Continue Reading →

When Autumn Leaves….

So that's November done. The end of another month. The end of another season. Hmmm. Bit crappy. But done. Another month. Wasted? I don't know. Let's ponder over the last 4 weeks and see what went wrong and what went... Continue Reading →

Boot Scootin’ Baby

Heading into my final week of November, it isn't sitting pretty. November has been a pretty shitty month, WW wise and all. It's not been kind to me. And I've not been kind to it. Had a lot of situations... Continue Reading →

Flex It…Forget It…

Not only is it a new week, but it is also my very first week on the new WW plan. So for those of you who follow WW will hopefully know by now all about the changes that have come into... Continue Reading →

Let the Tooth Be Known…

So I've not actually had a week like last week in a very long while. You may disagree, and it may seem like I'm constantly having those kind of weeks, but in fact, there has been many an attempt, but... Continue Reading →

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