Slimming Minnie Diaries

The Force Is Strong With This One…

Well.. the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th....actually all 31 days for that matter. Lets hope the WW Force is strong this month....aka, positive, successful in dropping lbs... in 31 days time we will know for sure. Or is it really all... Continue Reading →

Drip Drip Drop Little…

I couldn't help myself! Sorry.....! Beating a tune as you fall all around..... Well, I'm not sorry. Not one bit. You can't beat a bit of Disney. Last month I realised that hindsight is a wonderful thing. I used this... Continue Reading →

The Easter Bunny is a Feeder…..!

OK so this is no surprise, the title sums it up pretty much right there for you! It is however something different to what I have done before. So that's the surprise! You all saw it coming....for weeks, if not... Continue Reading →

Third months the charm….

A new month. A new chance. I'm hoping that by the end of this post I am close to, if not reached, my first stone down. To take 3 months to lose 14lbs is a bit slow, even by my... Continue Reading →

And Breathe…..

Ok. So. This is just going to be one big ramble rant, I need to get it off my chest, I don't know if it will make much sense or how long it'll be. Or even if I am going... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to DeScale

No! Don't worry, this isn't a how to guide on how to descale your kettle or your washing machine! You can get tablets for that, Calgon in fact... bet you're singing the theme tune now aren't you?! No? Liar! That... Continue Reading →

Another One Bites The Dust….

Another month that is. Not 1lb. Another month has gone. I know I said I'd be happy with 1lb at a time, but if we're talking about 1lb a month... this really will be the longest journey ever! I think... Continue Reading →

Ready, Steady, Cook ©

It's not very often I get to cook. Well, that's just a blatant lie. I do have time to cook. I just don't want to spend my evenings following some long-winded step by step guide making some fancy shmancy meal... Continue Reading →

Being ‘Just Lou’

I'm a Mom. I'm a Wife. I cook. I clean. I don't get holidays or days off. I am on call 24/7, working through the day and the night. Never completely switching off, never sleeping well. I can't remember the... Continue Reading →

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