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Life is Like a Yo-Yo….

Well. I did it. My May goal. In the first week. Doesn't mean it'll last! HA. Way to go starting this week on a positive eh Lou!!? No, I am just going on past experiences. Hopefully not to be repeated... Continue Reading →


May The Force Be With You…

It had to be done. You know it did! I couldn't do exactly the same as last year, and focus on the 4th, but it had to have some Star Wars connotation for the week. *how amazing is R2D2 in... Continue Reading →

Second, Third, Fortieth Chances….

So last week, was last week. It ended on quite a 'lull' for me. Apologies in advance this post may get quite dull. Something came over me on the way to group last night, and it seems to have continued... Continue Reading →

April Fool

Yes. That's me! What has happened to me this month? I'm slacking. Big time. Time to go back to basics. Again. ✿✿✿✿✿✿ So waking up first thing this morning telling myself its all about the positivity. Feel good, think good,... Continue Reading →

Disney Bound ✨

Wow it's been a long week! And it's only Saturday (as I start writing this post!). I'm so tired. Oh my gosh, I'll be going to bed before I even get the first paragraph out of this I reckon! I... Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning….Can Wait!

No idea what happened last week. I was all ready to get cracking on getting back to being good and shifting the 'wedding weight'. Really don't know where my heads been, especially at start of the week, I definitely deserved... Continue Reading →

Hoppy Easter

And with that another month has passed. It is now April on the WW front. A new month. A whole new chance of opportunities. So what have I got coming up? Well this week sees hubby's birthday and next week... Continue Reading →

So This Is Love….

" this is what makes love divine." It's here! It's the Wedding Weekend!!! Eek!! OK. Steady on. First. Thursday and Friday. Two normal days. Focus Lou, focus! "Can you feel the love tonight?" So firstly. What happened last night!? Like... Continue Reading →

Say Ahhh!

Oh wow. Apologies. After my apologies in last week's post about the previous week's length, I only went and did it again. Oops, I'm just going to say, all I can do is try, but as with everything with me,... Continue Reading →

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