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Month End….

My second month of weekly blogging has come to an end. For those of you who stick around to read each week, thank you. I think I prefer this way of doing it, for my own sake more than anything.... Continue Reading →


Week 34….

Was just that. A week. Nothing much to report really. Not sure what happened this week or where it went. Well that's a bit of a lie. The week started off on a positive. I am learning to love the... Continue Reading →

Rock The Positive Pants!

I have ventured into this week with my head held high & as my title suggests... stuck the positive pants on. I will try not to let anything bring me down this week, well, not down enough to struggle or fall... Continue Reading →

The Icing on The Cake

So I was going to leave this to add into my week review next week, however, feel it is deserved of its own post. Short & sweet. Much like the topic in hand. This morning I was preparing the icing... Continue Reading →

Does Size Matter?

Welcome to the wonderful world of women's clothing, where the sizes are completely and utterly made up, and quite frankly... label's really don't matter. Or do they!?! Yesterday I found an old check shirt that I bought not long after... Continue Reading →

How to Be a Successful WW’er

Don't follow my lead. If you want to know how to FAIL at being a successful WW'er. Do the week I've just done. Everything you can think of that comes under how not to succeed, I've done this week. I've mini... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Load of Pancakes & Waffle

So July started off so positive and upbeat. The gain from last week really threw me. There were some tears shed. Food scoffed. A night's sleep. A new week ahead. The week was a tough one for me, mentally, physically... Continue Reading →


So now that the month has come to an end.... 5 weeks, 5 updates. There's a few loose ends I want to tie up. Normally done at the end of the blog post, but as they usually run so long,... Continue Reading →

Dory Knows Best…

So. Last night. Like what?! Really?! What happened? I have no idea! I have no words to express how I feel. Yes its just 1lb. But a gain, with no explanation!?!!? Why is there someone out there to get me?... Continue Reading →

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