First the ‘housekeeping’…. I’m Lou, 28, born and bred Brummie… loving wife to my best friend, and Mom to one very cute and very cheeky 2 year old!

Oh and a true Disney lover… not one of those OTT, house is covered, it’s everywhere type lover but I do like a bit of good ol’ Disney…..you’ll learn!

Now, my blog. My online diary.
Mostly used for my weight loss journey…which I have been on now for 6 and a bit years. 2017 is the year I’m going to get back on it & in the next couple of years, finally do it! With the help of this. My safe place. Where I can open up and share my daily experiences and challenges. Throwing in parenting woes as well as every day woes, and any successes that come my way too. Whatever I feel like sharing, will get shared!
I follow a number of people who also blog their weight loss journeys, and I know I am not quite on their par…but, I think I need to do this. More for myself. Not to tell anyone the right or wrong way to do something, or to seek sympathy and advice but a place to express myself, no holds barred, and tell my story. I may be telling it to noone, but it’s nice to know I may not be alone!

In my own way my story is getting told. With lots and lots of words. So sit back… read… and hopefully enjoy?!

Welcome to the Slimming Minnie Diaries.