So now that the month has come to an end…. 5 weeks, 5 updates.
There’s a few loose ends I want to tie up. Normally done at the end of the blog post, but as they usually run so long, I split this month’s into a week at a time. I found this better & worse in part.
Better because I took a week at a time and wrote it down and posted, and its nice to see a week by week, literal, update, but worse because at the end of each week I had to remember to write and upload!
Better because my brother admitted to me, he does get my updates from when I upload a new post, scrolls down to the bottom, and if it’s a positive result will then skim through and read! So at least there is less to read for him!
Worse because it was 5 posts to read as I ramble on and on, rather than one long ass one. Which I guess is a positive, as slightly shorter.
Things I do to please my reader(s) eh!!

I think going forward this will be the way I do it, more for my own benefit and depending on how the week has gone, gets it all down and out and off my chest instantly! Hopefully there will be more of the positive than the negative. But we shall see.
Before the new month begins, more for my own benefit, there’s a couple of updates I want to share.

Blue Dot Challenge
So as you know, for the last couple of months I have been participating in the Blue Dot Challenge. Something the WW members partake in. A challenge with yourself more than anyone else. Aiming to achieve as many in the tracking zone days as possible, whilst earning yourself a nice little blue dot 🔵 on your app. Like getting a ‘well done’ sticker or a gold star ⭐️ back at school! And who doesn’t love a sticker or a little positive reinforcement, sorry, praise, here and there!?!
IMG_1883Well I’m happy to share this! When your July is complete and looks a little something like this!
I cannot remember the last time I tracked THIS well in a month! It has been years. Actual years.
My only days out of the zone, Wednesdays! As I’m sure you can understand. Treat night. Something I have truly benefited from and appreciated this month. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone all out crazy, not like I used to. But I’ve tended to end up using 38/39SP rather than the maximum blue dot ‘earnable’ of 37SP. So within reason.
In the past it was still deemed ‘treat’ night but I’d snuck or snacked or done whatever during the week, defying the point of a Wednesday night treat. But this month I’ve really earned them, and enjoyed them. To the point where last Wednesday I didn’t go ‘all out’ and struggled to eat! That’s promising in some respects! But yes. Please ignore the old school scales, as that is all the wonderful emoji world had to offer!
The only other day off plan, my birthday. Again, completely understandable!
I was aiming for 20/31 🔵 this month. I achieved 26/31. So taking into account the 4 I knew wouldn’t be accounted for, I’ve earned 26 out of a possible 27! I’ll take that thank you very much. July done!!
Bring on August, those blue dots, I’m coming for you!! If only they were as fun as collecting gold coins with Mario eh!?! That would be a sure-fire motivator…. Dragon’s Den, watch out!

Get Knotted
Quick update on the scales front. Not been touched in weeks. This last week I’ve truly started to ‘forget’ to think about them. Over the last 2 weeks I have thought less and less about them, and each day it is getting easier to see them there staring at me from the bathroom floor, and I’m starting to not get so phased by it.
There was a little touch and go moment on and off during last week, as I did explain how I was feeling down to the shocking gain from the previous week, but other than that it is easing.
Long may it continue.

Mini Targets
Back in my post Hmm…. I discussed my next 4 mini targets for the foreseeable future and how in one week I had achieved 2 out of the 4 the weigh in following deciding them!
I also mentioned how far off the 2 others I was. Telling myself this was something to achieve over the coming weeks, and not giving a due by date, but ideally by end of August, September would be probably starting to push it, but next few weeks.
IMG_1900Well by the end of July this is where I’m at.
As you can see, thanks to the last weigh in result, I am now into the stone zone down! Woop!! I’ve not been in this zone since 2014! Yes, 2014! Ok I was the lower end, and I’m currently the higher end, but the same zone either way!
Another helper and my buddy at WW, we set ourselves goals for the month. We vowed to be x amount by this weigh in just gone. Mine was to be in this stone zone by ½lb or 1lb at most. So when we set it, I had about 1.5lbs to go to achieve it. I achieved it! But I also achieved an extra 1lb on top! Which in turn, brings my next goal that little bit closer, and only 1lb away!
We set this months goal as something similar, setting a simple and ideally ‘easily’ achievable target. I think it was something like 1-1.5lbs off by the last weigh in of the month. Obviously I can hope and pray for this 1lb to be off by my next weigh in, but I have a funny feeling it’ll make me wait a while!
I don’t do big losses often, I know this month has seemed to prove me otherwise but like I said when I lost that 1lb, and gained it a week later – see I just knew! – my body will do a loss, a decent loss and then give me a weeks break. I’ve got that feeling like I had in that 1lb gain week, so we shall just have to see how it goes. But either way, that 1lb is my main, if not only goal for the month. I have told myself setting lots of monthly goals doesn’t get me anywhere, and as long as I weigh less at the end of the month, then that’s good going. So yes, 1lb off this month, anything more is an added bonus.
I just hope that this month wasn’t a bloop!

Month in Review
So finally. The month is done.
5 weeks, 5 weigh ins, 5 results.

IMG_1898 2Yes you are reading that correctly. I can’t believe it myself either.
I have checked my app, counted up through the weekly posts, I’ve double, triple and quadruple checked! But it is true. I lost 6lbs this month. SIX.
I don’t know how and I am genuinely in shock over it.
Something has happened this month. I’m finally doing it. I am finally doing WW!
Funny that. Doing the plan properly, gets you results! Who’d a thunk it?!
The best yet, since the start of the year. My fresh start in January, mixed with Christmas weight loss and the fact I was starting over was the only other ‘decent’ month. I really have done something right this month.
It has been a slow hog, a really slow hog, shameful at times, but, I am down 20lbs since the start of the year.
No, not as good as some of the members, but for me, bloody brilliant!
I am still 20lbs down. Achievement.
So nice to see double figures as I was only in the ‘just about lost 7lbs’ if that, for like a good 4-5 months this year.

I am now 1lb off my next silver 7.
I am 1.5lbs into my next stone down (2 numbers down from my start stone zone)
I’m feeling a tad more positive.
Maybe I can do this after all.