So I’m mixing it up a bit this month.

Every month for the last 6 months I’ve posted an overview of how it has gone. Ending up with a massive long ramble. That nobody probably reads, or wants to read for that long! Some ‘weeks’ I go on and on, and by the last week of the month I feel guilty going on and on! Even though this is all for me, and a record of my journey, just nice to know some people support me by following my rambles.
So 6 months done in 6 posts. 6 loooonnnng posts. This month. I’m trying something new.

Week by Week.
4 weeks.
4 posts.
No doubt, 4 looooonnnng posts. But 4 all the same.

So Week 26 it is. I’ve had a couple of gains the past 2 weeks, which brings about a somewhat lacking in motivation attitude/approach. The 1lb gain, no excuse, well deserved, as well, I didn’t try! Last week, following 2.5 days in London, ½lb… I’m happy with. To be honest, a week away in the past would equate to a good FEW lbs on, so to only gain ½lb in around half a week, and then just not trying, point-blank honest, not trying, this is a blessing!
I need to try to bring this motivation back, not let the last 2 weeks truly throw me off. I’ve started trying again, that’s something right!?
I need to make sure I don’t fall back into my old pattern or habit, or whatever you want to call it, of letting 2 ‘bad’ weeks turn into more. So let’s do this for July.
Start the week as I mean to go on. Spring in my step and a PMA – positive mental attitude – in tow.
It did start off so well. Thursday was an on plan, on track, on point sort of day. Earning my 🔵 along the way. Which brings me to my next point.
IMG_0697As you know last month I participated in the Blue Dot Challenge. Which was continued into this month. It hasn’t been used to my advantage this month, not by a long shot. It doesn’t look the best either. BUT.  I did tell myself I wanted to get 25/30 originally. Unfortunately I’ve only achieved 19 out of 30 days. However, despite that, it has made me track. Every little thing, every good, every bad, everything. Constantly. So that is something. At least I can say the non blue dot days are down to over not under eating 🙈. The Little Miss Piggy that I am!
Two days of June left, two days to earn two 🔵 at the start of a new week. I got this. Or so I thought. As you can see on there. Not so much.
I am going to continue this into July. I find it helpful in keeping me on the whole tracking side of WW, hopefully it’ll help me focus and do the plan properly again.

After starting the week with a 🔵, Friday just didn’t work. It didn’t go to plan. Hubby was on a golfing weekend from the Sunday so we decided to treat ourselves to pizza takeaway Friday night. This was after I’d had a pointed breakfast, and a higher SP value lunch than I should have done, if I had known for sure we were going down the pizza route. Don’t get me wrong, we had it, we enjoyed it, and I most certainly didn’t regret it. Again, pointing every morsel. I went WAYYY over my dailies and used plenty of weeklies, and certainly had no sign of a blue dot heading my way. What’s done is done.
Like I said, was enjoyed, and not regretted.
I should have reigned it right back in come Saturday, no I should have used this whole week to get back on it properly. But I didn’t. I succumbed at the first hurdle.
But!!! Saturday, we went up to the local shopping centre as Hubby needed to get himself a few bits, and after a normal, nice, pointed lunch, we sat and he had this. IMG_0838.JPG
As a result of missing out, yes I did miss out. Ok, so I had 2 bites, but that’s it!
Some people have said to me in the past, why do you ‘allow’ him, or ‘let’ him have it in front of you, I wouldn’t, it’s not right, it’s not fair. Well. I don’t agree. I could have it if I wanted, my Hubby isn’t rubbing it in my face, I have absolutely no issues, if he wants it, he can have it. I don’t need to allow or let. None of the sort. I am choosing not to have it, I know it won’t help my weight loss and I do know I would actually regret it if I did. So what’s stopping him from having it? He’s not got a problem with his weight, or food related problems. Simple as. Also, if I don’t fancy it, then there’s no reason why he should miss out. Yes I did not fancy a naughty treat!
Instead that evening I made myself an on plan, on track, pointable comfort food dinner. For once I did it right! And it was soooo good. Cheesy pasta, can’t go wrong really. But this was extra good.
Sunday came, off Hubby went. As a result, sweet talked the MIL into feeding me Sunday dinner! Standard.
Good hearty main meal of the day, guesstimated on the SP values, but as she is an SW’r… (shhh don’t say that here….!!!) the portion/ratio of protein to carb to vegetable was on point. Tracked as best as I could. May not be 100% accurate but all balances out and leaves me with plenty of SP for a small snacky dinner in the evening. Which was fine, and had a few SP left, and treated myself to a Solero. I didn’t need it, but I did want some sort of comfort food and this was better than breaking into an Easter Egg! Yes, we still have plenty, no we do not have them open. Yes one night without hubby around and I break. I don’t know why, but I do. Anyway. It was tracked. I still earned my 🔵 so hey ho!
I survived my first all nighter just me and Lil Man, for the first time since he was about 1 month old! I know. Hubby doesn’t really go out much or stay out so this was a new thing! But I was fine. Lil Man was fine. It was all good.
Monday brought about a nice day, a lazy homey day, and I decided that for his nap I would have a wander up to the local retail park and Costa for lunch. Our second home these days but got me out the house, earning me some FitPoints & well, try some damage control from the last few days! Solero, here’s looking at you.. pizza… I’m talking to you!!

Monday afternoon was spent doing a cake for my Uncle. The football one I had done for my Dad last month, but this time chocolate and felt a little less nervous doing it, still not 100% happy, but didn’t have to redo it like I did the last one. It was a manic and long afternoon, having made the cake in the morning, been out for the walk earlier and then on my feet all afternoon and early evening, by the time I had a shower and had to start dinner I was done in. Which in turn brought about a load of anxiety about the upcoming weigh in. I hadn’t tried this week. I hadn’t not tried, but I hadn’t given it my all, considering the past 2 weeks, and that I had weight gain to lose before I could continue losing. I just felt rubbish. Letting myself down again. As a result of feeling this way. I just wanted to bury my head in a bowl of junk. What is wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a result, I didn’t sleep all that well, putting me in a great mindset for the day before weigh in, as you can imagine. A day spent cleaning and just feeling downright poop. Not ill just poop. Fed up of being fat. Fed up of emotional eating. Fed up of being fed up. Fed up of being a broken record. The usual. I won’t go on. I do have to say, after how I felt yesterday, I am shocked I stayed as on plan as I did today. Usually I’m like sod it, forget it, no I won’t weigh in tomorrow, I will just skip this week & try again.
Even hubby said come Tuesday evening, if I really don’t want to, don’t go. But no, I need to. Its part of my journey, admitting my own pitfalls & owning them. So owning them equated to me eating 2 rich teas (3 SP!!) and a small bowl of dry Golden Nuggets. All tracked and accounted for, but an attempt to avoid the junk food I wanted to dive head first into. Why!?!?!?!! This is what I need to get out of thinking about.

I know I’ve said I’m dreading going to weigh in, and I say it a lot, especially the last few weeks. but the broken record that I am, this week I just feel big, bloated and bleurgh and with the last 2 ‘off the rails’ weeks behind me, I know they’ll be chasing me and coming back to bite me on the behind or something. Really not feeling this. I just want to cry.
I wanted July to be the real turning point, 6 months to lose 14lbs. I didn’t want another 6 months before I saw another milestone. I know it is only the first week of the month but I would have loved to start off on a high.
It’s my own fault I know. But still. On the up side, a few more 🔵 earned the last couple of days, not that I feel this will be of any benefit. But hey ho.

So weigh in day is here. I wish I could get back to looking forward to these days I really do.
Hubby has threatened to hide our scales so I can’t use them, as they always set me up for a fall, like I snuck on them yesterday… it wasn’t good, but that’s all I could focus on. No need. I know weight fluctuates hourly, daily or even weekly, I should not do it. So yeh, he said he is tempted to hide them from me! A matter I’ll no doubt go into more detail over at a later date… I’m sure you’re so excited. But yeh, no reason to add more fuel to the fire in the world of my head space right now. I’m really not feeling weigh in, but I have to go. Whatever will be, will be.
Wow. Ok. Was not expecting this. Yes it is only ½lb but having spent the last 3 days adamant I’ve gained and just feeling big and bloated… I just assumed the last 2 weeks had played a real catch up.
So yeh. OK so I did have to go to a morning weigh in as Hubby is on lates this week so that probably helped in a big way. But still. I lost.
I’m trying to focus on the positives when it comes to my losses, something I have tried doing in recent weeks, as I am sure you’re aware. OK that’s a lie. You won’t be, as I’m just such a negative ninny these days.
Many of us are disappointed in how slow our journeys are, and yes I’ll never be a 3-4lb a week loser… but I am trying to focus and teach myself that anything is better than nothing! Which it is!
I may not be down 26lbs in 26 weeks… which I know some of you are, and some of you are so chuffed with, others you’re actually also disappointed you’ve ONLY lost 26lbs… but come on people. Healthy weight loss is considered to be anything from ½lb to 2lbs a week. So if someone is 26-30lbs down in that amount of time. You’re doing so so so well. You’re doing brilliantly, don’t be disappointed.
I mess around a lot but I am still 14lbs down in 26 weeks. No, I’m 14.5lbs down to be exact! That’s still over a stone. A good amount of weight. I’m still doing well. I’m still going. I’m still trying. Obviously I would like it to be more, but you can’t expect results if you don’t put in the effort, and clearly that’s something I have been lacking!

Anyway. This is why month in review is so long, and why I need to look week by week and see where I can cut back!!! I ramble, I go off on tangents way to often! Oops.

Right. Wrap it up girl! That’s the London gain off. Seven days into a new month. Seven opportunities to do it, off which I got 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵. That’s 5 blue dot days, so 5 days in the tracking zone completed. 1 wasn’t earned due to having used extra on the pizza, and Wednesday night I have an off plan treat. Which takes me just over the zone. Less than pizzagate but still enough to prevent a dot.
So time to spend the next week losing the not so on plan and deserved 1lb gain from the week before and also try to prove to myself that this ½lb is genuine weight loss and not just because of an earlier in the day weigh in!
1lb to go to get back on track.
July you’ve done good for your first week. Don’t let me ruin it like I did come middle of June.
Onwards & downwards.