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Goodbye 20’s….

So. As you know by now. England are out. I told you, I had to suffer, so did you!! HA! As much as hearing my 3-year-old chanting "its coming home, footballs coming home"...thanks Daddy.... was it cute? Yes. But. No.... Continue Reading →


Love Is In the Air

Well. That was a long one wasn't it. Oops. I'll try harder this time. Plus I'll try harder to keep this upbeat. I mean. "She's Getting Married in the Morning! Ding, Dong, The Bells are Gonna Chime!" *Ok, so not... Continue Reading →

Stars, Stripes & Smiles

Well. First things first. I can only apologise for my post last week. Somewhat depressing and, well ridiculously depressing. So yeh, I am very sorry. Anyway. It is now July. Well it's the 29th June but WW wise, it's a... Continue Reading →

Cheer Up Child…

I don't know how I came away from group unscathed... I really don't. I know I had a 6.5lbs loss over 2 weeks so my body is also playing catch up with that, but that loss to me, still doesn't... Continue Reading →

And Then He Was THREE!!!!

It's my baby boy's birthday!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! 🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉🎊🎁🎂🎉 How are we now proud owners of a three-year old!? We have had the loveliest of days, he's been good as gold! We did have an interrupted sleep, as per the current 'norm'... Continue Reading →

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Well. I have no words to express how or why or what or where or anything, about where last night came from! Ok, so that was 22 words, but that's besides the point. I am so perplexed, bamboozled, baffled. I... Continue Reading →


Well.... A new week. A new month. Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera. Oh, and you'll never guess what, I am starting this month app-able!! YES!! It's back. I actually got told it was back up and running last Thursday evening, and I did track... Continue Reading →

Mayday, Mayday

A new week, brings new 'starting afresh' statements that have been said so many times before so for old times sake [insert your favourite Lou start over comment here]. And as always, as with any other fresh start week this... Continue Reading →

Reboot. Recharge. Restart.

So many different ways of saying it. It's about that time again. Here we go. Long and short of it. You had a good run, 2 - 3 weeks of steady weight loss and some good results, and as per... Continue Reading →

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