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How to Be a Successful WW’er

Don't follow my lead. If you want to know how to FAIL at being a successful WW'er. Do the week I've just done. Everything you can think of that comes under how not to succeed, I've done this week. I've mini... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Load of Pancakes & Waffle

So July started off so positive and upbeat. The gain from last week really threw me. There were some tears shed. Food scoffed. A night's sleep. A new week ahead. The week was a tough one for me, mentally, physically... Continue Reading →


So now that the month has come to an end.... 5 weeks, 5 updates. There's a few loose ends I want to tie up. Normally done at the end of the blog post, but as they usually run so long,... Continue Reading →

Dory Knows Best…

So. Last night. Like what?! Really?! What happened? I have no idea! I have no words to express how I feel. Yes its just 1lb. But a gain, with no explanation!?!!? Why is there someone out there to get me?... Continue Reading →


I can't believe I lost weight last night. Like, I had one day, only one day, off plan. I actually reined it back in! I damage controlled, plus did another 7 days of no scales, so 7 more knots, this... Continue Reading →

The Unicorns Made Me Do It….

Wow. I lost THREE yesterday. How?!!? Like really? How? I don't lose like that! I must remember though, when I've lost big in a week before, the following week I've tended to STS so I need to just remember, it's... Continue Reading →

Knot What I Expected…

Still can't quite believe I lost weight yesterday. Shocking. But anyway. First day of a new week and I've already had an epiphany about where it's all been going wrong!! Like, I knew those 8 glasses a day were too... Continue Reading →

Time for a Change…

So I'm mixing it up a bit this month. Every month for the last 6 months I've posted an overview of how it has gone. Ending up with a massive long ramble. That nobody probably reads, or wants to read... Continue Reading →

Little Man is TWO!

6 months into the year. Wow. How time flies. In 14 days time, my not so little boy will be a whole TWO years old! How did that happen!? That gives me another 14 days to lose what I can... Continue Reading →

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