Slimming Minnie Diaries

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Rinse & Repeat

As it so happens, I did look pretty much immediately after typing last week, at my result. It was showing a 2lb difference between what group had said the week prior and the results on these scales. Obviously I won't... Continue Reading →


Chapter II: Re-e-wind

This title is totally two-fold in describing this week! Slow it right down. Lets go back to the start.... so the start of this week I decided to take it right back, rewind, back to basics. Where it all began,... Continue Reading →

Chapter II: Hitting the Pause Button

So.... A new WW week, a new month, the start of a new chapter. Thankfully. It seems Chapter I didn't go as planned. They do say you have to give a story more than the first few pages before anything... Continue Reading →

Total Eclipse of the Tart

Apple Tarts. The bane of this week I tell you. There is a lot out there to p you off, plenty. For me, this week, other than the usual, don't get me started, no, for this week, its a tart.... Continue Reading →

Chapter I; New & Improved

Right. It stops here. I refuse to let the negativity take over this week. It is not doing me any good. It is not doing my WW any good. It is not doing my relationship with either of my boys... Continue Reading →

Here I Go Again…

So. Last week was far from positive. Far from what I was hoping my first 'official' week of WW in 2018 would go like. Having just re read it back. Yeh really not positive. Apologies!! I don't want another week... Continue Reading →

Chapter I; continued…

It may be 4th January, but it is day 1, page 1, of my 365 page book. I am starting afresh, health is back up, last night's final weigh in, which now I feel should have been as my first... Continue Reading →

Chapter I; Page I

No this isn't the whole its time for the 'new year, new me' bullshit blog post. Because quite frankly, now is not the time. It will never be that time. It is correct in that it is a new year, but i am... Continue Reading →

All Wrapped Up

Hubby is back to work, and we don't really do anything for NY so I am going to start as I mean to go on in 2018. I am giving myself one last week, one last shot for the year,... Continue Reading →

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