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That’s Witchful Thinking…

Still can't believe last night. Like, as helpers we check the scales are calibrated and working correctly, weighing the same. At first they both said the same, 2lbs off, then the one kept changing its mind. So after a few... Continue Reading →


Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice…

No that doesn't mean this post will be full of Autumnal-ness. Nor does it mean it will be full of pumpkin based recipes. I don't think I even like pumpkin to be honest with you. Not that I think I... Continue Reading →

Bubble, Bubble, I’m In Trouble….

Or so it seems... but I am onto another month. Another 5 weeks of mayhem. Successful? Who know's. But I have five weeks to find out. And for any one wanting to find out early on about week 1 of... Continue Reading →

Wake Me Up….

So September... has ended. Another month overhaul coming right up! As I've said previous, one downside to weeklies, multiple ramblings each week to read rather than one very long one. The upside for me, I feel I can break it... Continue Reading →


So this week, I'm not going to lie, was an angry one. So this week is when.... Lou got miffed. • When you're expecting a small gain... ½ - 1lb tops. •  When you know something's been up this past... Continue Reading →

Three…the ‘not so’ Magic Number

How are we three weeks into the month already!?! Spoiler Alert: If you're a scroller and don't read unless it's a positive result.... give up now!  This week has been a little more positive than the last one, I've got to... Continue Reading →

Every Cloud…

In the midst of a dark, depressing, blue week, I forgot to let myself embrace a few positives that in fact I did come across the week prior. Now looking back, if I had fully embraced them, maybe, perhaps my... Continue Reading →

Another Week….

...another weigh in update! A few days late posting, but hey ho, better late than never right?! This is where I go on to say I've had endless messages from my 100's of readers asking where this weeks update is...... Continue Reading →

Thirty Days Hath September…

...and I'm six days down already. Week 35 is here, and another month is upon us. First day of a new week, a new month, and it begins with another baking session. Well, another 3lbs of buttercream made up, in... Continue Reading →

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